Energy Efficiency Strategies To Reduce Energy Permanently

Load-reduction improvements in buildings will permanently reduce energy use. They are a gift to the building and to facility managers for future decades.

Below is a link to Ian Shapiro’s article at that explores load-reduction improvements that reduce the installed cost of energy improvements AND permanently reduce energy use in buildings. Take note and consider the gift of energy efficiency for your building in 2017.

3 High-Performance Energy Efficiency Strategies To Reduce Energy Permanently



By Ian M. Shapiro December 2016 – Conventional energy improvements save energy, but often only for the length of the product life. For example, a high-efficiency light bulb might only last for a few years, and then be replaced with a low-efficiency lamp, and the energy savings are lost. However, an emerging group of energy improvements takes energy savings to the next level, by permanently reducing energy use, with energy savings that can last for as long as the remaining life of a building.

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